A book fair is held for displaying books on various subjects. It has recently become very popular in our country. Now-a days it is held in every city and town on some occasions. Specially on the occasion of 21st February. The largest book fair is held in our country on the premises of Bangla Academy on the occasion of 21st February. All sorts of books such as fictions, novels, poems and books on medicine, engineering,
politics, history, general knowledge, philosophy, science etc. are brought for display and sale in the fair. People both young and old specially those who are book lovers come to the fair to buy  books and to enjoy the fair. they buy books to present their near and dear ones and for themselves. Ina book fair books are generally sold on discount. Naturally people take the opportunity of buying books at a discount rate. A book fair reminds us that books are our best friends. It creates in us curiosity and interest of reading. Although a book fair in our country is of recent origin, it is gradually gaining popularity among the people. It promotes the publications of books and spreads education among the people too.