Whenever we think of a garments worker , the face of an ill-fated woman who works in a garments factory is visualized in our eyes. Women and girls of poor families mainly work in a garments factory. It is a prop for her instead of working as a maid servant or remaining totally unemployed. She has got the opportunity to work in a garments factory. It helps her to lead an independent life. However, she is exploited by her
employer. She is paid a very little amount of money which is insufficient to lead a decent life. Where as she has to work in her factory from dawn to dusk. She becomes so tired that she usually takes a nap on  the garments floor or on the machine during the launch break. At night she drags her weary body to the place where she lives. She takes some food and cannot help her eyes open. Thus time creeps but fortune never peeps through the windows of her fate. Yet her only console is that she is no more dependent on other’s charity. It is our belief that the atmosphere a garments factory will be developed. A garments worker will enjoy an eight hour working day. She will be paid the salary that she deserves. In the factory she will get proper medical facilities, and she will not be the victim of maltreatments. We are longing for this very happy day when an ill-fated garments worker will smile, will enjoy the fundamental rights and will lead a decent life.