The people who are mainly engaged in cultivating lands and producing crops are called farmers.
Bangladesh is an agricultural country. As such here more 80 % people are farmers. They constitute the
largest portion of our population. They generally grow paddy jute, oil seeds, pulses, sugarcane and many
other crops. They usually get up early in the morning, eat panta and go to the fields for doing their usual

work. They ignore every trouble and work hard in the field from dawn to dusk. During the harvesting
season their hearts leap up with pleasure to see the golden crops in the fields. They do a lot for us. But
in spite of working hard, they lead a very poor and miserable life. They don’t get what they need. They
often suffer from various diseases for want of proper treatment. The main reason of their poverty is that
they are mostly illiterate. They do not have any knowledge of scientific methods of cultivation. Often
they do not have money to buy good seeds, fertilizers and agricultural equipments. As a result, they
can’t produce enough crops and earn more money. They always remain in want. We hope the
government as well as the NGOs should take necessary steps for the betterment of their lot.