A moon-lit night is very pleasant and enjoyable to us. Specially, a full moonlit night appears before us
with all her magnificent beauty. Everything seems to be wrapped in silvery beam of the moon. It bathes
the whole earth with her pleasant light. Rivers, canals and ponds seem to laugh in the splendid light of
the moon. This night has a great influence on the mind of the people of all ages. The little children can

hardly think of going to bed without enjoying the night. A newly married couple come out of the house
and pass some hours outside to enjoy the beauties of the night. Elderly men and women also can’t keep
indoors. They gather in the courtyard and pass several hours in gossiping. Poets and lovers of Nature
feel a thrill of joy in their hearts. Even the birds and beasts come out leaving their resting places to enjoy
the beauty of the night. It keeps us away from the dullness of a night and makes us sublime in thoughts

and deeds.