The people who live near about my house are my neighbours. As I live in a town, my neighbours are all
town dwellers. They belong to different profession. Some of them are service-holders, some are
businessmen, some are students, while the rest belong to other professions. Though they differ in their
tastes, culture, mode and standard of living, they are sociable, co-operative, frank and well behaved. We

live in perfect harmony and peace. My relation with them is always good. They stand by me in my weal
and woe. I also stand by them in time of their need. Most of my neighbours, especially the youth and
the students have wide out-look and decent idea of social life. When any dispute arises between two
neighbours,the others come forward and settle it with mutual understanding. Thus there prevails a good
relation among us. Everybody always tries to maintain good terms with one another and in no ways try
to make any harm to anybody either in words or in deeds. I spare no pains to maintain good neighbourly

relation with all of them.