A village doctor is a well-known figure in our society. He is not a qualified doctor. He is known as a
quack. He treats the patients on the basis of his long experience of working with a qualified doctor. He
generally sets apart a part of his living house as a dispensary where he attends on the patients. Normally

an old chair, a table and a almirah are seen in his dispensary. He gets ready in the morning to attend on
the patients. He often goes out to see patients on private calls at the adjacent areas. He takes small fees
from the patients. Most often he gives his patients mixtures, tablets and syrups to cure their diseases.
He does not keep costly medicines and injections. As such he can’t supply medicines to serious patients.
But whatever may be the fact, a village doctor is a great friend to the village people. In absence of a

qualified doctor, he renders immense service to them. Really he is a very useful person to the villagers.