A modern house without a drawing room is incomplete one. Among the rooms of our house we have a
spacious and nice room which we use as our drawing room. It is located just at the entrance of the
house. It has two doors and several windows. As a result, the room gets sufficient air and light. It is well

furnished with beautiful modern furniture. The walls of the room are decorated with some paintings,
pictures and photos of eminent persons. Besides these, different kinds of flower-vases are kept at
different corners of the room to make it more attractive. Really our drawing room is very nice and worth
seeing. When any visitors or, guests come to our house, my parents take them to our drawing room and
entertain them with light refreshment followed by a cup of tea. The members of our family
enjoy different programs such as games and sports, dramas, songs etc on TV sitting in the drawing room.

We always keep the room neat and clean. Anybody who comes to our house praises our drawing room.