Everybody needs a house to live a decent and comfortable life. It is man’s sweet abode where he lives
with other members of his family. It keeps a man safe from the sun, rain, cold and storm. It gives him
peace, rest and comfort. I live in a house owned by my father. My father built it ten years ago. It is a one
storeyed F-shaped Building. It is situated in an open place with good space on all sides. There is a flower

garden in front of it. It adds to the beauty of the house. It has as many as seven rooms-three bedrooms,
one dining room, one storeroom, one reading room and a drawing room. The rooms are airy and well
lighted. Of the three bedrooms one is for my parents, one is for my sisters, and the other is for my
younger brother and me. There are two toilets attached to the bedrooms. My parents use one and we
all use the other. There are some trees around the house. They keep the house cool in summer. It is very
comfortable to sit in the shade of the trees during hot weather. As our house stands on the outskirts of a
town, it is free from the din and bustle of the town. Our house seems to be the sweetest place to the

earth. I live here in peace and happiness with my parents.