I know a lovely face,
So full of beauty, as of grace,
That face that could compare to no other
That lovely lady is my mother!

These words speak of the beauty, sacrifice and unending love of my mother. It is rightly said that
nothing can be compared to a mother’s love. My mother is very dear to me. She has brought me up with
great care and love. Her gentle eyes and sweet voice make me very happy. My mother is a very active
and hard-working woman. She does every house hold work. She prepares our breakfast, launch and
dinner. She takes care of us and tries to satisfy our demands and needs. She keeps our house neat and
clean. My mother also helps me in my studies. Everyday she takes me to the school. She helps me to do
my homework properly. Sometimes she tells me interesting stories at school. She is a gentle and honest
lady. She always advices us to be honest and truthful. My mother is very fond of music. She can sing
well. I do love my darling mother. She is very dear to me. Really I am happy to have such a nice and

loving mother.