My name is Tareq Aziz. I was born on the 6th January, 1991 at Monoharpur in the district of Lxmipur. I
am the first child of my parents. My father is a renowned lawyer and my mother is a school teacher. I
am now fifteen years old a student of class nine in Govt. Laboratory High School, Dhaka. I never neglect
my studies. I am very attentive to and regular in my studies. I always occupy the 1st position in my class. I

have got one brother and one sister. My brother is a student of class 6 and my sister is a student of class
3. Both of them are students. While in school i listen to my teachers and never indulge in any evil talk.
While at home, I keep good relation with my brother and sister. I never go against my parents who love
me most. During leisure I read books, watch TV and go to play with my brother and sister. I also take
part in outdoor games with my friends and go on visiting places of interest on holidays. My favourite
hobby is painting and collecting stamps and favourite game is cricket. I never waste my time in vain. I

always follow my daily routine and do my works accordingly.