People who earn their living by catching fish and selling them in the market are called fishermen. They form  a class by themselves. They lives in groups and catch fish and sell them. There are some fishermen who live on the seashore and catch fish in the sea. Again, there are some fishermen who live near the rivers and catch fish in the rivers. They remain busy most of the time in fishing. While they are at home they are found busy
making and repairing their nets and boats. The life of the sea fishermen in our country are both difficult and challenging. While fishing in the sea, they often have to face dangers of storms. Though fishing in the sea is challenging it is interesting too. They feel delighted when they catch a lot of fish. The fishermen do much good to us. They supply us with different kinds of fishes all the year round. But it’s A matter of sorrow that in spite of working hard, they live from hard to mouth. They can’t afford to buy even their own nets and boats. By forming co-operative societies among themselves and having loans from the banks at a low interest, they can improve their lot to a great extent. We should show sympathy to them so that they can lead a decent life.