The population of a country is a great assist. But it becomes a problem when the country can’t afford to her people the basic needs of life. Bangladesh is a country having an area of about 1,44,000 square kilometers. It is burdened with nearly 150 million people. About 1100 people live her square kilometer. So, Bangladesh is a densely polluted country. Still her population is increasing at an alarming rate.

According to the last census the growth rate of population in Bangladesh is 21.6 per 1000 people. It is obviously a very high rate. So, if our population increases at such a high rate, there will be too many additional people in near future. These additional people will therefore, be an over burden to Bangladesh and they will need many additional things. They will need food, clothes, accomadation, health, education etc.
So if the population is allowed to grow in this way,people will find no place to live in and they will have to starve. The whole nation will suffer the grievous of consequence. The people will fall in ever increasing poverty and will have to live a very unhappy and miserable life. It is because of the fact that the large number population of Bangladesh mainly depends on agricultural for their living. But her agricultural land is limited. On an average each person have 0.1 hectore of land and it can’t produce enough crops to provide the bare necessities of her people.

Hence, we think that the present economic condition of Bangladesh  can hardly provide the additional people with additional things. This situation will worsen if the present growth of population goes on unchecked. So, population growth must be kept down by adopting the various measures of population control, so that the limited resources may provide existing people with the necessary things. otherwise, all hopes and joys of the people of Bangladesh will be nipped in the bud.