Arsenic problems one of the health hazards in Bangladesh. Already thousands of people I our country have been attacked with poisoning and many are being affected every day. Arsenic contaminated tubewell water spreads this fatal  disease among the people. When a man drinks tubewell water containing arsenic poison,
he is attacked with a disease called arsonicosis. It is a slow process of poisoning with the gradual build up of the poison in our body, which affects our health. If we want to save ourselves from this diseases, we should drink water from a safe source. We should not drink arsenic contaminated tubewell water. Morever, people affected by arsonicosis should eat a balanced diet containing fish and vegetables. Vitamins especially vitamin A, C and E can play a vital role to fight against this disease. However we are still sure that there is no arsenic in majority of the tubewells in Bangladesh.