Those who undertake the job of nursing are known as nurse. As a job nursing is a noble profession. The
service of a nurse is very important and essential for the society. By looking after the sick and wounded
a nurse performs one of the most important and essential services for humanity. When a sick or a
wounded person comes to a hospital, nurses look after him carefully. In wartime their services are more
important and essential. Once the job of nursing was looked upon with hatred. But with the

advancement of modern science and technology the narrow outlook has undergone a radical change.
Now nobody neglects this profession. However, if anybody wants to be a nurse, he or she will have to
complete the training of three years’ course from a ‘Nurses’ training center’ after passing the S.S.C.
Examination. After completing the course successfully nurses are employed in hospitals and clinics.
Besides professional training, a good nurse must possess some good qualities, such as patience,
devotion, attention and dedication. To be a nurse one should follow the footsteps of Florence
Nightingale, the forerunner in the nursing services of the world.