The name of my village is Monoharpur. It is a renowned village in the district of Laxmipur. Its land area is
about foursquare  kilometers with vast green fields on all sides. Two semi-pucca roads run through the
village. The houses stand like vigilant guards on both sides of the roads. The green trees and plants in
the village are all the more charming. Nearly three thousand people live in this village. Most of them are

Muslims with only a few families of Hindus. The houses of my village are mostly made of C.I sheet and
wood, bamboo and straw. The villagers are simple, innocent, and peace loving. Most of them belong to
the middle class. Agriculture is the main occupations of the villagers. Some traders and service holders
also live here. There are a primary School, one Boys’ High School and a Dakhil Madrasha in this village. A
market, where the necessaries of daily life are available also stands in the middle of the village. It is an
idle village in Bangladesh. The villagers live here in peace and amity. I feel myself happy to live in such an
ideal village.