A village fair is a large gathering of man, women and children on a particular occasion. People of all ages
specially the children eagerly wait for this happy occasion. A village fair is usually held once a year either
on the first or on the last day of the Bengali year. It is generally held on the bank of a river or a canal or
in front of a temple or a darghah or, under the shade of a big spreading banyan tree. A village fair is an

exhibition of the village products. People of different professions such as potters, carpenters,
blacksmiths, weavers and others bring their own hand-made products in the fair for display and sale.
Various fancy goods such as toys, whistles, combs, hairpins, cosmetics, looking glasses, earthen wares,
balloons etc. are also brought for sale in the fair. In addition to these, different kinds of sweets and
seasonal fruits are available in the fair. Some special and attractive arrangements are also made in the
fair to attract and amuse the people. These are magic shows, circus, puppet shows, mock fights, jatra,
jarigan etc. A village fair really appears before the villagers with all opportunities for joy and merriment.

It gives them much relief amidst their toilsome life.