A postman is a familiar figure both in towns and in villages. Even a child can instantly recognize him
when he knocks at the door. He brings us news from our near and dear ones living at distant places. He
usually wears a khaki dress and carries a bag on his shoulders containing stamps, letters, post cards,
parcels, money orders etc. Though a postman is a low-grade employee, he performs a responsible job.

His daily work begins with a shorting out of letters, parcels, money orders etc. in the post office. After
having finished the job in the post office, he goes out on his beat to deliver letters and other postal
articles. He often drops letters into the letterboxes or pushes them through some openings of the door.
A village postman generally goes on his beat twice or, thrice a week. He comes to the market place on
hat days and delivers letters, parcels etc. to the proper addresses. A postman is really a good man and a
useful friend to us. He performs his duties honestly and sincerely. He is hailed by every body and hated

by none. We should feel for him, show honour to him and do something for his well being.