There are varieties of flowers in our country. Among them the rose is rose is the loveliest of all. It is
noted for its charming beauty and excellent fragrance. Many people grow it in their gardens. There are
roses of different colours  such as: red, white, pink etc. Among them the red rose is the most beautiful
and attractive to us. When they bloom in the garden, the garden assumes a charming view. They

gladden both our mind and eyes. They spread their sweet smell all around. Really no other flower is
flower is so beautiful as the rose. That is why the rose is called the queen of the flowers. Everybody likes
it for its exquisite beauty and sweet smell. There is hardly anybody who does not like a rose. It amuses
us with its sweet fragrance. A garden cannot be thought of without a rose. We decorate them in flower
vases. We often greet our friends and lovers with a bunch of beautiful roses. It is a source of income too.
We get rose water and otto from the petals of roses. The cultivation  of roses is getting

popularity among the people of our country day by day.