The sportsman whom I like most is an Indian cricketer named Sachin Tendulkar. He is my favorite
sportsman because of his certain qualities. In cricter he is not only a master batsman but also a good
bowler and a good fielder. When he comes to the crease to bat, the spectators enjoy his batting very
much. He is very good in his techniques. He can easily play any stroke of cricket. When a bowler

comes to bowl against him, the bowler feels nervous. His every shot gives the spectators joy and
pleasure. He is very co-operative to the other members of the team. He always shows great
honor to the umpire’s decision whether it is wrong or right. He is very friendly, polite , gentle and
modest in the behavior. He always dedicates himself for the country’s name and fame. All these
qualities have brought great honor for him. At present he is one of the scorers of the highest runs
and centuries in one-day cricket. He might make more wonderful record in future. So I can’t but
admire him as my favorite sportsman.