Hobby is an interesting pursuit other than one’s main occupation. It is usually followed during leisure. It does not give money but it gives immense pleasure and joy. It is essential to make our life enjoyable and cheerful. Without it life becomes dull and monotonus.

Different persons choose different hobbies according to their aptitude tastes and choices. Some choose gardening, some like drawing pictures, some like painting, while other like rearing birds, catching fish, collecting stamps and so on.A person chooses his hobby according to his own liking.Like others, I have also my hobby and it is gardening.
One may wonder why I spend time and energy to such an unproductive work.One may say it is mere wastage of time and energy. I don’t feel it so. The one or two hours that I spend daily in my garden are not useless. It strengthens my body and refreshes my mind.Everybody in the morning I feel a great pleasure after visiting my garden. My heart dances with joy seeing flowers that are tossing their heads in the gentle breedze. At night when sweet smell of flowers comes into my room, it makes me happy and fills my mind with heavenly peace. That is why, I choose gardening as my hobby.
My garden is in front of our house. Everybody in the afternoon I go to my garden and work there for two hours. I usually turn and dig the soil and make it fit for planting new plants.I pull out weeds and grasses from the  garden. I water the plants regularly in the dry season. I have almost all kinds of flowers in my garden in such as:- the rose, the chameli, the shefali, the sunflower, the dalia,the dalia, the beli, the sheuli etc.
A hobby gives pleasure and joy. It makes a man active and strong. A man who has a hobby doesn’t spend his spare time in idleness. It leaves hardly any room for evil thoughts to grow and thrive in minds. Morever, gardening as a hobby teaches us the value of dignity of labour in life. It gladdens our mind and purifies our soul. The original parents of mankind in their innocent state were perhaps placed for this very reason in the Garden of Eden.