I honour and respect all my teachers.I’m grateful to all of them for what they have done for me.But among all my teachers I have a special fascination for Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmed who teaches us English.He is my favourite teacher.I regard him as my most respectable person.He is a highly qualified and an experienced teacher.His pleasing manner, imposing personality, excellent method of teaching have conquered my heart and made me a true votary of him.

He is easy of access for any student.Whoever feels any problem in any topic, he comes forward with a jolly mind and helps him to get over the problem. By his impressive art of teaching and technique he can make any difficult subject easy and understandable to the students.His depth of knowledge has earned confidence of each and every student of his class. He never feels annoyed with any of his students attract not only me but also every student of the school. He helps the poor students with books and money just like a father does to his son.
He is very punctual and regular in taking his classes and doing his duties. He has keen sense of responsibility that endears him to all.He is hard to evil mongers and soft and kind to sincere and willing learners. He finds delight in working with his students both in classroom and outside the classroom.He is ready to undergo any trouble for the good of his syudents. I am not in a position here to describe all the sterling qualities that he possesses.
He is, so to speak, a born teacher and affectionate friend. His responsibility together with his impressive personality has really conquered my heart.This is why I told him very high in my estimation and reckon him as my favourite teacher. I wish him a happy long time.