3rd January,2013
3/A Sicily,Italy.

Dear Luca Brasio,
I have received your letter just now.i am highly glad at your eagerness to know about the recent Annual Prize Giving Ceremony of our school.You will be glad to know that
received as many as three prizes-one for standing first in the class,one for good handwriting,and another for good chararter.The ceremony was held on the 1st January instand in a befitting manner under a large pandel in the school campus.The function was presided over by the headmaster of our school.The honourable Education Minister was the chief guest.When the chief guest arrived,the scouts of our school gave him a guard of honour.The function began just at 10 a.m. with a recitation from the Holy Quran.Our Headmaster first read out the Annual Report of the school.The chief guest then gave away the prizes among the winners.

After the distribution of the prizes, the chief guest thanked the winners of the prizes for their brilliant success and encouraged them to do better in future.He also adviced them to train themselves up in discipline and to build up their character to become good citizens of the country.Then the assistant headmaster thanked the distinguished guests  and others presents on the occasion.

At the end,a cultural function was arranged by the students of the school to entertain the guests.It was a pleasant day for me.i am quite well.No more today.With love and good wishes to you.

Yours ever,
Robert Anderson.