5th January,2013
13/8/D  Green  Road,Thailand.

Dear Alex,
Your letter of the 10th instant has opened my eyes.I am really thankful to you for your query about my preparation for the ensuring S.S.C. Examination.I am happy to know
that you are well prepared for it.I am sure,you will achieve a grand success in the examination.I have also prepared myself well for the examination.Only Allah knows what is in store for me.However, I am confident of good results.

Of late,I have over come my deficiencies in general and elective maths.i have taken equal caution against all other subjects and have revised them several times.My house tutors have also examined me many times.I am hopeful of obtaining distinction marks in all subjects.Now I am awaiting for the examination with all eagerness.

Please convey my deep regards to your parents.With love and best wishes to you.
Yours ever,