16th March
13/C  Black road,India.

Dear Jolly,
I have just received your letter.You wanted to know how we are.But in return I tell you about an account of a very woeful tale of an accident which occurred before my eyes.

The other day when  I was passing along  Newland Avenue,I suddenly heard a loud crack.I turned my eyes to the direction where the sound came from.I went there hastily.I can’t express what I saw with my own eyes.A boy of my age fell under the wheels of a truck which was running fast.I saw the boy groaning under pain and struggling  with death.Within a few minutes everything came to an end.After making proper queries I found that he was my friend Rafi.I couldn’t check my tears.His parents were informed of the accident by the police and the dead body was taken to the hospital for autopsy.

I came back to my house with a heavy heart bearing the horrible scene of the accident in my mind.Still I get horrified when I remember the tragic accident.
With love and good wishes to you.

Your grieved friend,