Unconventional job are those that most people would not think of when choosing a career path. Often reserved for free sprits or for those who value intrinsic rewards above financial pay-offs, ‘these alternative vocations can provide the opportunity for people to make a living doing what they love. These jobs are wacky, odd, unexpected, wild, crazy, strange or weird. There are a number of unconventional jobs around
us such as writer, circus artist, travelling school teacher, adventure travel, trip leader, stunt performers, floral business etc. these five jobs are unconventional jobs because most people would never think of them when choosing a career path. Out-of-the ordinary, jobs often result in ‘’You get paid to do what?’’ responses when career come up in conversation. Benefits vary, and while some unconventional jobs boast competitive salaries, others entice people simply because of their intrinsic rewards. I like the idea of unconventional job. Floral business attracts me most. Because, it would give me a chance to be placed in a house full of flowers to deal all day.