War and peace are contradictory to each other. War is a curse, it destroys the normal atmosphere of the world and brings unbearable pain, suffering and a misery in human life, it destroys not only human life but also animals and makes a country economically paralysed. We know the miserable condition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War. In that war, a huge number of people died and many bodily
crippled, yet their next generation is not released from that dangerous attack. The war of the Middle east shows the fearful disorder and displeasure in the world. The destructive and detrimental effects of the war remind us of the slogan for the global peace. The example of the United states of America is appropriate here. The USA is the super power in all respects in the world. That is why she is torturing the powerless countries of the world on this plea or that and applying her wicked policy, the UN should be impartial and should take effective steps against the violence. If the peace is fully established in the world, the world will be a place of heavenly pleasure and happiness.