Music soothes human mind and helps to remove anxieties. It has a great to all. When a person is in despair, he can overcome it by enjoying music. It also helps to pass our leisure time. Music removes monotony. I like Tagore and nazrul song. I have fascination also for modern Indian Bangla music. I prefer music to playing. Tagore’s song leaves a graet appeal on our mind. Those songs respresent our culture, mode of life,
characteristics of our people, seasons, joys and sorrows. The melody of Tagore’s is also charming. The songs of Nazrul also stimulate me against injustice and oppression. Nazrul geeti creates a scene of revolt. I become charmed by enjoying it. I think music is the best food of mind. It satisfies our mind. Music removes mental agonies. The requirements of our mind are fulfilled by it. It refreshes our soul. Music is a good source of entertainment. A distributed mind may be improved by it. It relects on me as an essential part of life. Mind and music are inseparable. It is also a source of refreshment and pleasure. So we all should enjoy it.