Handicrafts show the skill of the artists who belong to the ordinary class of people. Handicrafts are carried on by hands. The purpose of making handicrafts is to earn money. Handloom weaving, hand-spinning by the chakra, conch-shell works, ivory-carving, cane and bamboo work, furniture made of bamboo are the most
important handicrafts of Bangladesh. Pottery, painted pottery, image-making, embroidery work and other handwork like kanthas, sikas are also familiar handicrafts. Bangladesh has a rich heritage of traditional handicrafts. These crafts reflect the art, skill and imagination of the common artisans. Among the common handicrafts, handloom weaving is by far the most important. Buttons, bracelets, bangles, chains, rings and small images are made of conch-shell. We should set up more and more cottage industries for development of our handicrafts.