The migration of meritorious, skilled and experienced people from one country to another is known as brain drain. Bright students of our country go abroad for higher studies, but after finishing their studies they do not come back to their own country. They settle there permanently and work there for handsome salary and better atmosphere and lead comfortable life. As a result, they deprive their own country and the people of
their services. Often expert doctors, scientists an enginners stay abroad because they do not find adequate working condition in the country to utilize their knowledge and expertise properly. So their merit, that is, brain is wasted in the sense that their degrees and specialized knowledge are of no use to the nation. If these people serve the country with their specialized knowledge, the country can be developed. So students and teachers going abroad for higher degrees should come back home and serve the country. They must work at home with patriotic zeal. The government should create a better working condition in the country so that the brains are not drained.