Anthrax is a serious disease that is caused by a kind of bacteria known as bacillus Anthracis. This bacteria naturally is found in the soil and infects the livestock via inhalation or ingestion of spores while grazing. Humans generally become infected with this disease coming in close contact with the infected animals especially eating the meat of the infected animals. There are three types of Anthrax infections- Cutanaous
Inhalations and gastrointestinal. But in 95% cases, cutaneous occurs. Symptoms of anthrax are: Sore/ sores on the skin that starts as a raised bump an develops into a blister with a black area in the center. The patient may feel chest discomfort, shortness of breath, headache, nausea. Abdominal distress etc. Early diagnosis of the disease within a few days. Bangladesh experienced a serious threat of Anthrax in early September, 2010 when many cows as well as people were infected by this virus. Bangladesh govt announced red alert to make people aware of this disease. However, because of necessary steps Anthrax is now totally under cestrol in Bangladesh.