Any air is a social gathering. It is organized to promote business and exhibit products, both agricultural and industrial. It has been being held in our country for the last few years. This tear it was held at SHRE-E-BANGLA Nagar. I went there with my parents to visit the fair and to buy a television set. Going there I was amazed to see so many stalls arranged orderly. There were stalls of arts, crafts, agricultural and industrial
goods, cane products, wood goods were the best displayed and exportable goods of Bangladesh. Apart from these items, various electronics goods, computers etc. also were displayed. I was tempted to buy a computer set, but I could not do so for want of money. However, we bought a nice television set and then returned home. After visiting the fair, I realized that by holding such fairs Bangladesh can inter into new business. Through this fair we can draw the attention of the foreign buyers to our products and thus our economy will be strengthened. So the govt. should take initiatives to held trade fair each year.