When on any day it rains cats and dogs for hours together continuously, we call that a rainy day. A rainy day brings both pleasure and pain. Students, office goers and other people have to wait for rickshaw, bus or baby taxi. They become soaked in the rain. The slum dwellers are the worst sufferers. Water pours into their houses. These people cannot go out for work and starve. Roads and lanes go under water. Filth and garbage
spread around the whole area. Those who have not to go for work outside, find pleasure in the cool rainy day. Bangladesh is an agricultural land. This rain is helpful for crops. But continuous rainfall suspends all normal activities of life. Shops and market places remain motionless. A rainy day hampers the normal flow of trade and business. Thus it affects the economy of the country. The rhythmic sound of the rain is very pleasant. The clouds, the rains and the soft breeze, the green and the landscape induce us to recall our happy and sweet past when we enjoyed rainy days in the village.