Adult allowance is a noble program taken by the government in our country. In our country the adults are mostly dependent on their sons and daughters. As they do not have the ability to work and earn, they are sometimes maltreated by their depending on others, which is a very painful experiences for them. At that age in they are not always properly valued and treated by their issues. This allowance will help the adults to
spend the last days of their life peacefully and happily. A budget, regarding the allowance of the adults was passed in the financial year 1997-98. Under this program 10 people has been listed from each ward to receive allowance. The government has prepared a list of 4,03,110 people of 4479 unions of 461 thanas of the country under the program. This is really a praiseworthy program that brings back smile on the face of the old people who did a lot for the society and the nation.