Acid throwing is a heinous and barbarous act. It is very rampant in our society now-a-days. This barbarous act is increasing day by day. If any youth proposes love to a young girl and if he is refused, that youth becomes furious and tries to take revenge. Being tempted to take revenge, a refused lover throws acid on the girl. We can see the incidents o acid throwing every day when we cast our eyes on the news paper.
When a man is dominated by animality instead of rationality, he takes recourse to such a heinous act. The effect of acid throwing is very dreadful and tragic. In most cases, the victims succum to injuries. Those who survive drag a miserable existence only. Sometimes the victims become deformed and their looks become very ugly. As a result, they can never be handed to marriage. Their lives become pitiable. The acid should not be at all easily available to the public. Government should take rigorous steps to end this sort of act from the society.