Social value means the discipline and the ways of behavior that are considered morally correct and expected in a particular society. Their value may, however, vary from society to society and country to country. Also, in the same society, this value may change over time. In our country, some of the social values are now changing. In the past, young people were more respectful to the elder. Honesty, piety, truthfulness, fellow feeling etc were appreciated highly. Making money
through illegal means was looked down upon. But today such values are being undermined. Now people of Bangladesh are going to be more and more materialistic. They tend to value money over everything else. Today's teenagers are not being taught traditional social value. They are going to be more and more violent disregarding the social norms and values of our culture. This sort of change can never be good for our society. It is true that there are reasons behind such change. Today people are exposed to the materialistic western society and culture and are being influenced badly. Whatever may be the cause of change, it is necessary to preserve our traditional social values in order to protect our own identity as the Bangladeshis.