Advertisement is an activity through which any product or article is made known to the consumers. A consumer becomes familiar or acquinted with any product or a commodity with the help of advertisement. Thus a consumer is able to know about a commodity or a product with the help of advertisement. The main purpore of advertisement is to draw the attention of the consumer or a buyer and thereby inspire him or her to buy that thing or product. In the modern age,the
advertisement plays a very vital role in marketing system in the field of trade and commerce. The multinational companies are running their business throughout the whole world by means of advertisement. We cannot think of running a business in the modern world without the help of advertisement. The products of one country are being export to other countries and they are beimg introducf to the cosumers through advertisement. We come across many advertisements on journals,daily newspapers, on weeklies, monthly or quarterly magazines.For the sound development of tradeand commerce at national as well as international level, propdr and sophisticated system of advertirement should be introduced.