Afforestation means preservation of forests and creation of more forests by planting more and more trees. Afforestation is needed because forests have a great influence on the climatic condition of a country and trees maintain ecological balance. Trees are called the oxygen factory. They produce oxygen and we can not live without it. Moreover, trees absorb carbon di-oxygen that it exhaled by human beings. But because of deforestation the heat in the atmosphere is increasing. As a result,
the atmosphere is getting warmer. So to save ourrelves from global warming we should plant trees hna large scale. Trees give us food, wood and shelter. Besides,they make our land fertile and save our land from erosion. There is an ample scope for afforestation in our country. Fallow lands, slopes of mountains, both the sides of roads and high-ways, sea-beaches can be brought under afforestatim programme. Shady trees and fruit trees should be planted by the sides of roads and high-ways. A country needs 25% of its forests,but we have only 16% of forest. So afforestation is a diqe necessity in our country. The rural and illiterate people should be motivated for planting more trees and at the same time they should be discouraged to cut trees. Afforestation programme should be made successful by our concerted efforts.