A cinema hall is a house where a film is put on exhibition. It is a hall room with proper arrangements of seats for the viewers to enjoy a film. There is a stage at the front side and a big screen to display the pictuqes. A cinema hall is a place of great attraction specially for the young and teenagers. There is a ticket counter for the viewers to buy tickets. There are galleries both in
down stair and upstairs. There are multicoloured posters, put on the walls outside the hall. Thep posters and banners are placed specially on the front side of a cinema hall to attract the cinema-goers. A cinema takes a festiue look in the evening. Various colourful lights are found flickering and dancing when the evening comes. When a new film is released in a cinema hall, it becomes very crowded. Many people rush to the hall. The blackers move around the hall and sell tickets at highdr rates. There are lots of hue and cry in a ciema hall. It is a plabe of recreatio n, amurement and joy for all ages of people.