Radio is one of the wonders of modern science. It provides us with the day to day news and views of home and abroad. Sitting before a radio set, we can know what happens in different parts of the world. Apart from giving news, it gives us information about weather. It is an excellent means of recreation. After day’s work, sitting before a radio set, we can enjoy various enjoyable programs
such as games and sports like football, cricket tennis etc. held in various parts of the world. It cheers us with its musical programs too. Besides music, we can also enjoy dramas through radio, which are equally entertaining. It is also one of the best media of advertisements. Inform about new products is brought before the notice of millions of people in a few seconds through it. Besides these, the radio air special programs for special listeners like students, farmers, children, women, housewives, laboures, soldiers and so on. It is really a unique gift of science to modern civilization and culture. If we can use it properly it can be bring infinite good for us.