If you visit a railway station, you will have seen a railway porter there. You can easily mark him in a crowd as he generally wears a red turban. He carries the luggage of the passengers. He is a very useful person at the railway station. He rises early in the morning and goes to the railway station. When a train arrives at the station, he is found moving from one compartment to another to carry
the luggage of the passengers. A railway porter is a poor and helpless man. Generally he has no land and property of his own. He earns his living by carrying luggage of the passengers and by loading and unloading goods of the train. Ne works hard but earns less. ‘’no work no wages,’’ is the fate of the railway porter. When he does not get any work he and his family has to go without food. Sorrows and sufferings are his constant companions. He can hardly enjoy peace and happiness. We should feel petty for him.