Health is the most valuable wealth of a man. It is the source of all happiness. A man who is healthy can enjoy a happy and a long life. To keep in good health we have to do certain things. These are known as the rules of health. First, we have to eat proper food i.e. a balanced diet. Without eating a balanced diet nobody can keep himself physically fit. A balanced diet gives us energy, helps us to grow properly and keeps our body fit for work. Secondly, we have to drink clean water. Clean
water helps us to digest our food, controls the temperature of the body and keeps our blood healthy. Thirdly, to keep in good health, we have to sleep and take rest properly. Without proper sleep and rest, it is impossible to keep in good health. Next, to keep in good health, we have to take regular physical exercise. Regular physical exercise makes a man strong and active and keeps himself free from diseases. The last but not the least is to observe the rules of cleanliness. Rules of cleanliness help us to remain fresh, clean and healthy. For our mental health we should have control over our emotions and have patience and respect for other people’s feeling. By following the above rules we can keep in good health.