A railway station is an important place in the system of railway communication. It is a place where trains stop to take in and to drop passengers and goods. It remains busy almost all the time of the day and night. Every station has one or more than one platform so that the passengers can easily get in or get down from the trains. In every station there is at least a long building, which is called station house. The building has several rooms which are used as a booking office, ticket counters,
waiting rooms for passengers. Besides, there are rooms for stationmaster, guards and other officials and so on. The stationmaster is all in all in a station. He is assisted by a number of the staff, railway police and guards. The passengers collect their tickets from the ticket counter before the arrival of the train. When a train arrives, the whole station area turns into a noisy place. Some passengers hurry to get down from the train, at the same time passengers waiting for the trains want to get on it. At this time coolies are also found busy carrying luggage of the passengers. As soon as the train leaves, the station sinks into silence and turns into a deserted place.