A bus stand is a very busy place. Buses stop here for a few minutes so that passengers can get on and get off from the buses. There are some bus-stands in a city or a town. Passengers are always found waiting at these stands. When a bus comes and stops at such a stand, there is an unusual bustle and hurry among the passengers. Some passengers hurry to get down from the bus, while the
others want to get into it. As a result, there is a great collision among the passengers. In such a situation the old and the weak find it difficult to get into or get down. The situation often goes so far that it seems passengers are fighting with one another to get in or, to get down first. Taking advantages of this, pickpockets sometimes pick the pockets of the passengers. Moreover, shouts of coolies, conductors, bus helpers make the place very noisy. These are the usual sights of a bus stand during the busy hours of the day. Besides these, hawkers are often found busy selling their goods like cigarettes, betel-leaves, newspapers, fruits etc.