All games are not amusing and interesting to us. Among the games I have a great fascination for football. It is a popular game all over the world. It is full of thrill for both the players and the audience. It is an excellent from the exercise form of exercise that makes the players strong and hardy. These are the only reasons for which I like football more than all other games.

The game is played between two teams each consisting of eleven players. Of them there is a goalkeeper who prevents the ball from touching the net.There are two full backs standing at a little distance from the goal posts. They play as defenders. There are another three half backs who play as both defenders and offenders. There are also another five players who play in the forward line. They try to kick the ball between the goal posts of the opposite team. The whole game is divided into two equal halves with an interval of ten to fifteen minutes. At the end of the first half each team changes its side. The game is generally played for ninety minutes.

In the field the referee is the supreme authority to conduct the game. His decision is final.Two linesman assist him to conduct the game smoothly and properly. During the play no player expect the goalkeeper  can touch the ball with hands. Any player in the game is not allowed to make any foul. I case of making any foul the referee warns the player out of the field showing red cards. The victory goes to the team that can score more goals than the other does.

The game of football teaches its players to be disciplined and to be obedient to the rules.It fosters the spirit of love and co-operation among the players. It develops team spirit and sportsman like spirit in the players. It makes the body strong and healthy.

There is nothing, which is an unmixed blessing. To much involvement in the game often makes a student impassive towards this studies. Rivalry in the game often leads to quarrel between the supporters in the gallery. Sometimes it goes to such extant that the whole ground turn into a battlefield. But in spit of having some drawbacks, football is by far the most popular and exciting game across the world.