A hawker is a very familiar person both in towns and the villages. He is greatly seen on a street of a city or, a town, in the compartment of a train, at a bus stand or at a railway station and at launch and steamer ghats. He is called the vendor of a variety of things. He generally sells toys, bangles, ribbons, clothing, sweets, fruits, utensils, fancy goods, newspapers and domestic articles. Besides these things, he sells the things of our daily consumption like fish, vegetables, egg etc.

All hawker are not alike. They are of various kinds and classes. Some hawkers come from door to door. Some of them sell their goods on the footpath. While some hawkers standing at important corners of the attract the attraction of the customers by standing.A hawker generally carries his goods either in hands on the head and sometimes in a small handcart.

A hawker is mostly a very clever person. He knows how to attract the customers to buy his things. He is very interested to sell his goods to the womens and the children who are easily cheated by him. When he passes along the streets he makes a peculiar sound to attract the attention of the customers. He knows the art of attracting the customers. He may be illiterate, but he is clever and cunning enough to carry on his trade. He chooses the hour when the master or male person is out of doors. He often cheats customers by selling low quality goods at a high price.

A street hawker does some good to us by bringing things of our daily use to our doors. By hawking things a good many people in our country earn their livelihood and make good business of their things.