Mr. Zamal is my class teacher. I regard him as my most respectable person. He is our English teacher
too. He is highly qualified and talented. His pleasing manner, imposing personality, excellent mode of
teaching has conquered my heart and made me a true votary of him. He is also polite, charming and
intelligent. He always comes neatly and smartly dressed to school. He is regular and punctual. He never

takes a leave. He is very strict with the students. At the same time he is very kind to them. If a student
has not done his homework, he makes him do it during recess. He never beats anybody but only scolds
naughty boys. We all greet him as soon as he enters our class. He explains a thing again and
again if anybody does not understand it. He meets our parents every month and tells them of our
progress in the class. He is popular with all the students in the school. He is always ready to undergo any
trouble for the good of his students. I am not in a position here to describe all the sterling qualities that

my class teacher possesses. I feel proud that I am a student of his class.