July 20,2013
The headmaster
Romileo International School
Subject:Prayer for a half-holiday.
I, on behalf of the students of your school, beg to state that the final match of the Inter District School Tournament is going to be held today at 4 p.m in our school playground.The game will be played between our school eleven and Cairo International School Eleven.Both the teams are equally strong.So the game will be an exiting one.We do not like to miss the opportunity of enjoying such an exciting game.We strongly feel that our presence in the playground will encourage our players.

I,therefore, like to solicit the favour of your kindly granting us a half-holiday today to enable us to witness and enjoy the game and cheer-up our players.

Yours obediently,
Bare Grill, Class-10,Roll no-8
On the behalf of the students of Romileo International School.