Present world is heading towards a serious energy crisis. Scientists predict that within the next fifty years the reserve of petrolium, diesel, coal and gass will exhaust. Then the world will face a great crisis. It is true that the present civilization is running being ignited by especially oil. Then fuel works behind all kinds of generation of power. But oil is not found in every country. A few countries are the major oil exporters and most of the
countries import fuel oil. But very soon the exporting countries will lose their reserve of oil. Hence it is time we thought of alternative source of energy. Biogas produced from garbage and cowdung can significantly meet up the shortage of electricity. Generation of electricity is very expensive. Hence, its alternative must be invented very soon. Population of Bangladesh is increasing alarmingly and so the demand of electricity is also increasing. Hence, we must think of its alternative. The sooner the better. At present, the government is thinking of the use of atomic energy in producing electricity. If it is implemented, we can fight back the crisis of power. It will also make us forget about load shedding. So it is high time we thought of renewable energy.