Terrorism is the use of violent action in order to achieve political aims or to force a government to act according to some demands. In many cases terrorists fight for their right. On the other hand, their right many be illegal to those against whom the terrorists run their activities. Many people think that terrorism is the introduction to revolution. We see the expansion of terrorism after the Second World War. It is said that it is
originated from the Third World or Middle East. If we look back, it is seen that it came to light at the end of the nineteenth century. The main aim of terrorists is to create panic. Criminals commit crimes because of their personal interests. But terrorists try to justify their activities from a moral angle of vision. And this is the main difference between the terrorists and criminals. The world is now standing on the volcano of terrorism. Today people want to live in peace. They do not expect and harmful activities. They want to make a better place for the future generations who will lead their lives in peaceful way.