Rural life means village life or living in rural area. The main features of rural life are peacefulness, tranquility, freshness, etc. rural life is calm and quiet and uneventful. Rural people do not suffer from tension. In the area the air is free from pollution. One gets fresh air, vegetables, fruit and fish. One can swim and walk without fair and accidents as in the city. These are not available in urban life and this makes the rural life different
from the urban life. Although electricity has reached some rural areas, most of the urban amenities are still absent here. Life in a city is artificial. Our rural life is not always so happy as we think. People living in rural areas often suffer from various diseases and malnutrition. They do not get proper treatment and education. Government should set up hospitals and schools in the rural areas to ensure medical and educational support. Moreover, communication system should be developed to improve the standard of rural life.